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Although Our gallery is currently closed to visitors we are still sending out Internet orders but due to Covid 19 working practices we can only currently offer our standard delivery service of 3 to 4 days.


As a result of changes to freight charges after 1st January 2021 carriage charges to the following islands will carry an additional surcharge, customers in these areas should email us for a quote before ordering. Areas affected are: Orkney, Shetland, Western Isles, Isle of Man, Northern Island, Channel Islands and Jersey. Europe Update: All shipments to Europe have been suspended until further notice, this is due to increased freight costs and over complicated origin, VAT and duty rules imposed by Europe. Shipments to the rest of the World continue as normal but with increased freight costs, please email for a shipping quote before ordering.

About Us

This is our About Us page... It's been a long time in the writing, I didn't want to do one because they always seem to be a self preening page about how well qualified we are to do this and that or they bang on about an individual's mystical inspiration, but the IT guy says we have to have one so here it is.
Light and Colour Studio is a husband and wife partnership living and working in the sleepy little village of Whithorn in Dumfries and Galloway, we design and make a range of handmade items for the home accessory and gift market. Our inspiration comes from the Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Celtic decorative styles, why, because we like them! Although these styles are our inspiration we do not replicate but rather take the essence of the style to produce something new and original, our designs are applied to a range of traditional and contemporary media including Glass Mirrors and Vases, Bone China and Cold Cast acrylic, each giving a different look to a given design.

About Our Clocks
Our Clocks are inspired by the Lucite clocks of the Art Deco period; each clock starts its life as a hand-drawn sketch from which a formal drawing is created using computer-aided graphic design software, this formal drawing is then used for reference as each clock is being made.
The face of each clock is designed in our studio and printed onto Photo Film, this face is then bonded to the back of the Lucite panel using an optically clear adhesive. This is the critical moment when all can be lost if the face cracks or an air bubble enters the adhesive then all has to be scrapped including the cast Lucite panel, no going back, no repair, just start again, a job requiring care and patience in abundance.
Each Lucite Panel is poured and cast in as sterile an environment as possible to prevent dust or insects getting into the panel during the curing process. Once cured the resin is hand polished to produce a finish more clear and perfect than glass, if it isn’t we start again.
Lucite® is a Polymer Resin first developed in 1928 and a whole range of products were made from it including clocks, at the outbreak of World War II, all production of Lucite was diverted to the war effort where it was primarily used for aircraft canopies. Lighter and safer than glass it significantly reduced splinter injuries to aircrew.
Today you may know Lucite as Acrylic Glass or Perspex, both derivatives of Lucite, they have remarkable qualities; allowing 96% of light to pass through (glass only allows 92%). Optically perfect to 13inches thick (glass becomes opaque at 2inches thickness). Bulletproof at 40mm thick, Ultra Violet Light resistant (images and materials behind it will not be faded by the sun)
It is widely used in the manufacture of prescription glasses, is used to make the undersea tunnels and viewing areas at Sea World locations and is still used for aircraft canopies. Lucite is a remarkable product, it can be cast, it can be extruded, it can be engineered, it can be shaped and formed using heat, it can be welded, glued, bonded and then at the end of its useful life, it is 100% re-cyclable. 
Why do we use this material? Well, not because it's easy but because the end result creates a unique looking clock with colour shifts and three-dimensional effects.

Dandelion Clock Co
Dandelion Clocks are essentially fun clocks for around the home or office and have a poster, paintings, pastel colours or photographs as the background for the clock face. Our very first clock used a photograph of a Dandelion as the background for the face and so the name stuck.

Celtic Clock Co
Celtic Clocks clearly take their inspiration from the Celts, a sophisticated and creative civilisation dating back some four thousand years. Their complex designs are a challenge to create but stunningly beautiful look at.

Caledonia Clock Co
Caledonia Clocks are a mix of classic and contemporary designs using different coloured backgrounds for the faces and simple or intricate leaded designs on top add a further dimension to the unique look of Lucite.

Elven Glass
Elven Glass is rustic glassware with our exclusive leaded stained glass style designs in Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Celtic themes. Each unique piece starts it's life as a hand-drawn sketch from which a formal drawing is created for that design and is used for reference as each design is handmade.

Elven Glass Vases
The vases we use are hand blown using traditional methods and tools.